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Snow and Ice Management.

Excellence in Snow and Ice Management for over 20 years.


Wicklow & Laurano owns and operates one of the largest snow removal and de-icing fleets in the Tri-State. Our arsenal of equipment will ensure a safe facility during the toughest winters.   Our goal is to perform on time service that results in a stress free, cost efficient, value driven and safe environment for all that utilize your facility. 


Call us today to implement a site specific plan for the 2022/2023 winter season.

Working alongside ownership, property managers and tenants, we will deliver a tailored plan to ensure a safe environment, allowing you to maintain full operations.

Our operators are employees of the company and have passed rigorous safety and training programs

Reliable, Responsible, and Experienced.


When a winter storm hits, you want a company that is fully prepared for all contingencies, which comes from; great planning, dedicated equipment and personnel, accurate forecasting and streamlined communication.

Serving the most active and demanding properties.

"Thank You John. You have delivered on every promise. You are truly the best snow contractor I have seen in my 42 years of doing this work. I appreciate everything you do for Atlantic."


Joseph G. Fazio, Atlantic Aviation

Tailored Solutions
Working alongside ownership, property managers and tenants we will deliver a tailored plan to ensure a safe environment while maintaining full operations.
Trained, Reliable Personnel
Our operators are employees of the company and have passed rigorous safety and training programs.
Dedicated Equipment
From October 15th through April 15th we'll position state-of-the-art snow & ice equipment at your location ensuring the quickest response time. Our stocked salt piles are strategically placed at our yards across the Tri-state market.
Streamlined Communication
Spotters are dispatched well before a storm hits to provide real time intel to our command center. All crews are dispatched to arrive one hour before any weather begins. Real time updates on the weather and a full recap of the storm are provided for each occurrence.
Strategic Planning
A detailed plan for your site, noting trouble areas, preferred snow piling points, appropriate sized equipment.
Accurate Forecasting
Our command center is monitored around the clock. Pre-storm emails will alert you to the latest forecasts when snow or icy conditions are forecasted. 

We are here to assist your next project.

Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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