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As where plantings lend to provide natural beauty to any successful landscape project, the hardscape aspect of each project provides its functionality. By utilizing such elements as custom stonework, woodwork, and brickwork, in order to create walls, patios, and steps, a once undesirable and unusable site quickly becomes a site with countless options of possible use. Wicklow and Laurano focuses on this aspect of each project throughout the entire design process to ensure that the final outdoor site is as useful and functional as the indoors.

Through their ability to construct custom outdoor kitchens, elaborate fireplaces, and unique porches, arbors and pergolas, Wicklow and Laurano broadens the use of each site from that of the traditional outdoor patio to that of unbelievable outdoor living environments. By installing outdoor stereo systems within their projects, music and various forms of media can be enjoyed as well. Landscape and architectural lighting is the last piece of the hardscape process that adds to the ambiance as well as provides safety. These “outdoor living rooms” allow people to maximize their time outside not only during the day but also throughout the night.

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