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Perhaps the most underestimated of all the processes of any project is the excavation process. This process is always the first and unquestionably is the most important aspect of any successful landscape or hardscape project. Utilizing our in-house excavation division, all elements of site development can be addressed. Demolition, site clearing, grading, erosion and storm water control as well as heavy hauling are just a few of the services we have the ability to provide. Wicklow and Laurano, unlike any other competitor, leads the landscape industry with their ability to tackle and address any site, regardless of size. By having this capability in-house, not only are we able to remain creative but project times are cut down by not having to rely on subcontractors and allows changes to be made seamlessly.

Wicklow and Laurano has invested heavily in this division by not only purchasing numerous lines of excavation and hauling equipment but more so, training all of their operators. This ensures that not only is our equipment being operated efficiently with minimal intrusion to you and your family, but in a manner that is considered to be safe, for your peace of mind.

We are here to assist your next project.

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